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Why timeSensor LEGAL?

Become productive

Windows or Mac: When you use tools that you enjoy, you work faster and more efficiently. That’s why our intuitive legal software runs on both systems.

Save time

Our clear and structured Timesheet is simpler and easier to update than anything you have ever seen in other legal softwares. Now, you will be able to record your services in a comprehensive and consistent manner.

Improved quality

Having all your data in an intuitive interface allows you to enjoy transparency, safety, and professionalism in your processes. This is how timeSensor LEGAL will take your office to the next level.

Discover it now!

You expect from a legal software that it provides you with a real improvement of your processes as well as the ability to save time, money, and give you an overview with respect to your cases. Discover timeSensor LEGAL in our guided tour and learn:

  • how simple it is to open new cases and clients,
  • how conflicts of interest may be automatically detected,
  • how fast you will be able to record your services in the Timesheet,
  • how to issue an invoice with a few clicks,
  • how to archive your documents and emails in a clear and structured manner,
  • how the software will proactively remind you of your deadlines and appointments.

Hundreds of lawyers and law offices save time every day thanks to timeSensor LEGAL!

Simply efficient with timeSensor LEGAL

The legal software for Mac and Windows, immediately accessible to everybody

In practice
Our company

This innovative solution for your law office includes CRM as well as performance tracking, document management, invoicing, anything you might need and more. It offers intuitive control, secure data management, speed of use, linear design, administrative simplicity, and compatibility with both Mac OS and Windows. Simply exciting.

Diverse software editions meet the different needs of small or large law offices as well as legal departments.

  • Large law offices

    Our Business and First Edition are tailored to the needs of medium-sized and large offices.

  • Legal departments

    Legal departments have special needs. Our LEGAL Department Edition meets them.

Why timeSensor LEGAL?

What our clients are saying

“As a leading office in the field of labour law, we provide our domestic and international clients with assistance from our four offices. With timeSensor LEGAL, we have found a software that helps coordinate our teamwork between the various sites even more efficiently. The intuitive user interface, the clear and structured Timesheet, and the effective customer support are all persuasive components of timeSensor LEGAL.”

“I would recommend timeSensor LEGAL to any law office specialised in consulting as the software offers an interface that can be customised individually and is so intuitive that you can start using it very quickly.”