Administrative Software for Lawyers

Save time through flexibility and integration

Every law firm is unique. That’s why our software, timeSensor LEGAL, offers law firms a variety of options and parameters to fully adapt the system to your needs. Work together with our project managers to implement and adapt the software perfectly for your law firm.

Save time through personalisation

Much of the day-to-day work in a law firm can be repetitive: registering new clients, creating mandates, creating invoices, letters and forms. Our law firm software, timeSensor LEGAL, supports you in all these areas with smart preset options and individual adjustments. All these allow you to work faster and more securely.

Work more efficiently with mandate templates

Define any number of active mandates as templates, and then use these when creating a new mandate. For example, you can take over entire billing cycles, dunning schemes, price lists, etc. In larger law firms, in particular, with many individual mandates for corporate customers, you can save your admin team hundreds of unnecessary working hours – every month. In addition, template mandates reduce the risk of incorrect settings, which then have to be laboriously changed, or which can lead to incorrect billing.

Does your law firm work with special data sets?

No problem! Simply enter additional fields that you can then fill out and systematically enter for every address and even for every mandate.

For example, if you often work in traffic law, it’s very simple to create a new field for vehicle registration numbers or other client vehicle characteristics with just a few clicks. Perhaps you occasionally work in trademark law? Use timeSensor LEGAL to set up additional fields to manage brands and their expiry dates.


Save time with smart templates

As an administrator, you can edit invoice and document templates yourself or create them from scratch. You can either create templates with the built-in “4D Write Pro” which can access information deep in the database, or create templates for Microsoft Word® to make the everyday work of your employees much easier.

4D Write Pro Templates

4D Write Prois the perfect tool to create templates. Save time by creating forms for your day-to-day office work, which can then be automatically filled in with information saved in your office database in timeSensor LEGAL.

Word Templates

Microsoft Word® is the industry standard, especially for any written communication. Thanks to timeSensor LEGAL’s MS Word® integration, you can create powerful Word templates that pull data from the database and have it appear in the document as needed.

Simplify your everyday life by automatically pulling templates from the system, including addresses, greeting formats, places, dates and much more.

Excel Templates

You can also prepare complex Excel templates for law firm reporting and store them in the timeSensor LEGAL’s report editor. These templates can be filled automatically with a script (requiring only a small amount of programming). The completed Excel file can then be emailed directly from timeSensor LEGAL.  Make monthly reporting child’s play and save time.

Security through individualised system access

Every single function available in the timeSensor LEGAL software can be activated or restricted for individual employees

Functions and the associated buttons are only visible to employees if they are granted access to them. As an administrator, you can fully control staff access via groups, which you can create freely.

Define access groups, for example, according to employee status: partner, barrister, solicitor, administration, intern, apprentice. You can now determine exactly  which functions are available to members of the intern group, for example. Want to limit their access to the timesheet? Then your interns will only see a “Timesheet” button.

By restricting access rights by creating employee groups, you can increase software and data security on the one hand, while also reducing the systems complexity for your employees on the other hand, since they only see the functions that they need to work with.

The Administrator Role

As an administrator, you have access to all sections of the timeSensor LEGAL law firm software. Manage individual employee accounts, determine groups, change basic data, manage templates or adjust basic software parameters.

Depending on your skills, you can carry out timeSensor LEGAL-related tasks, such as setting up and monitoring data backups and updating the software – or you can delegate these tasks to timeSensor AG via server monitoring.

Work more efficiently through interfaces

Administrators also have access to the interface settings. For example, with just one click, you can export your booking data records to external accounting software, or you can connect your Starface® telephone system to our office software timeSensor LEGAL. The EWS interface for Microsoft Exchange® allows the transfer of appointments and contacts to the respective Exchange accounts.

Other interfaces are available, or can be individually integrated by our development team based on SOAP or REST. Interfaces to existing solutions can bring you great added value.

Want to manage several law firms with one powerful software pack?

With the Business Edition, you can divide our law firm software timeSensor LEGAL into separate data rooms, thus mapping separate law firm structures. You can still make selected data available across the board. For example, accounting can remain separate, while conflict of interest checks remain comprehensive.

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