Administrator functions

  • Only those with a user account may access the legal software timeSensor LEGAL. It controls the preferences and authorisations for each user and allows you to configure parameters for detailed authorisation profiles.
  • In addition, access authorisations may be assigned at the level of an individual client or even a single principal so that confidential information remains confidential.
  • Thanks to the clear programming parameters, you may adjust essential aspects of your legal software without needing  any special knowledge and you will be able to customise timeSensor LEGAL to meet the exact needs of your office.
  • Would you like to manage several law offices with timeSensor LEGAL? With the Business Edition, you may split your software into several separate data rooms to reflect the separate office structures. Selected information can always be made jointly available.
  • Since we are not on a deserted island, timeSensor LEGAL is equipped with interfaces – for instance, various phone systems, the Apple address book, iCal or the SQL to Crystal Report interface for professional reporting.

The flexible configuration of timeSensor LEGAL will adjust to your needs.