beA and E-Mail Integration

Communicate efficiently and securely

The Communicator module in timeSensor LEGAL brings beA and e-mail together under one interface and enables an efficient workflow when processing and archiving your messages.

Forget the tedious process of logging into the beA backend; instead, save time by sending messages and documents directly from timeSensor LEGAL – seamlessly and without switching programmes! Incoming messages are archived automatically and can be terminated or assigned to other team members.

Our latest module makes your everyday life even easier and more efficient!

The Challenge

How many hours do you spend in your email program every day? Outlook and Apple Mail are among the most-used tools in day-to-day office work. Unfortunately, these all-rounders aren’t specialised in the particular needs of a law firm, and eat up your time with their drawbacks.

Since the introduction of the beA, communication has become even more complicated: logging into the beA system frequently via your web browser is time-consuming and tedious. All communications are now scattered across different systems, rather than being consolidated in one place.

The Solution

With the Communicator, jacks of all trades like Outlook and Apple Mail can step aside. The Communicator is a specialised communication client, built directly into timeSensor LEGAL software. It integrates any e-mail and beA mailboxes in a modern, uniform user interface, directly in the law firm software.


The Communicator works in the background continuously, fetching e-mails and beA messages, and archiving them in PDF format in the document archive. Thanks to a smart assignment algorithm, correct filing takes place automatically, without you having to worry about a thing. Instant relief!

And since the Communicator module is integrated into the law firm software and uses standard plug-ins, it works with all e-mail programmes. That means: Any e-mails sent from your iPhone on the go are archived in the same way as those from the Mac in your home office or from Outlook in the office.

Messages are often processed more efficiently in a team. That’s why you can make your Communicator mailboxes accessible to other people with one click. Delegate messages, set deadlines and follow-ups (reminders), and jot down your comments in the conversation section directly within the message.

Assign responsibility for messages to desired team members, check the message status, or provide an acknowledgment of receipt.


Our modern, efficient and intuitive user interface ensures that you have time to take care of your clients instead of wasting time picking up and filing messages.

The Communicator module in our law firm software replaces the older concept of an Outlook add-in (“Outlook Bridge”). Outlook add-ins are a rich source of all kinds of errors. Since Microsoft has been pushing automatic updates to customers, add-ins can no longer be tested with the necessary care and each update can cause new faults. For this reason, the Communicator only uses standard interfaces and is therefore no longer dependent on a specific manufacturer.

Outlook Add-In Communicator
Is stable regardless of Outlook version used No Yes
Can be used on the go No Yes
Automated filing the DMS No  Yes
Holistic workflow support No  Yes
Integration of other communication channels No  Yes

With the Communicator module on timeSensor LEGAL, you can process your electronic messages efficiently in a team, while also solving pesky archival issues. Save time for the work that really matters!

See it in practice

The video was recorded during a webinar on our law firm software. You can either watch the entire video webinar or simply a portion of it. Or you can arrange an obligation-free presentation today.

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    A quick excerpt on beA that gets straight to the point – without slides or comments.

  • E-Mail in a Hurry

    A quick excerpt on the email module that gets straight to the point – without slides or comments.

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