Business Intelligence – with our software for law firms

Key figures and dashboards for smart law firms

What are your most lucrative mandates, and which clients are better avoided? What is your actual hourly rate, and how is it developing? Which associates worked efficiently, and is there room for improvement? If you want to advance your law firm, then learn to exploit the potential of your data with the Business Intelligence module of our law firm software.

Overall, the mission of our business intelligence solution is to optimise your firm by improving access to your firm’s key data, then using that data to increase your efficiency and profitability.

By analysing the collected data, you can derive valuable insights into your law firm processes. These insights can then be used to make strategic business decisions to help improve productivity, increase revenue, and accelerate growth.

Further advantages to using our Business Intelligence Module:

Faster and better decision-making

Optimisation of internal business processes

Increased revenues

Identifying business challenges that need to be tackled

Increased operational efficiency

We have three different customisable dashboards for you to choose from:

  • The Management Dashboard shows you the 10 most important KPIs, especially developed for law firms to manage their office on a daily basis. Only selected partners have access to this dashboard.
  • The Partner Dashboard shows the key figures relevant to partners, at various aggregation levels, helping partners better assess the performance of their mandates and clients.
  • The Personal Dashboard can be made available to any professional and helps them monitor their own performance, as well as to anticipate trends.

Make all the right decisions with your personalised law firm dashboard

The Business Intelligence module of our timeSensor LEGAL software provides a modern tool to systematically and consistently evaluate the profitability of your law firm, and to provide all the data relevant to you, in the form of meaningful diagrams and other infographics.

timeSensor LEGAL’s BI module transforms the data in your database so that it is loaded into the Zoho Analytics data warehouse at night.

Regardless of which edition you choose, timeSensor LEGAL BI Standard or Professional, individual users will only have access rights to the information relevant to them.

Advance your law firm by making strategic decisions based on sound data! The daily updated key figures provided by the timeSensor LEGAL’s Business Intelligence module will form the basis of your future success.

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