Case management

  • Give the right structure to your projects thanks to cases and subcases with the desired hierarchical depth, then consolidate the services provided into a single invoice.
  • Let timeSensor LEGAL assign case numbers following your rules, for instance in sequential order based on the year.
  • timeSensor LEGAL monitors your case budgets and, if necessary, alerts the person responsible for the case with a ticket and an orange or red icon, so the client may be consulted in time.
  • Assign for each case the main persons in charge as well as other persons of choice. Each person related to the case will be automatically informed when new documents are added to the archives.
  • You may archive your cases and reactivate them if necessary. When archiving, you may specify the location of the archived file and the date it was created.
  • Expedite your invoicing process by choosing automatic invoices that can be issued periodically according to a schedule or when accumulated services exceed a certain amount.

With timeSensor LEGAL, you also control complex case structures at all times.