Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

  • The structured management of addresses and contacts in timeSensor LEGAL helps you find the person you are looking for in no time at all – even when you can’t remember the exact name thanks to a phonetic search.
  • Clarify your contact network by linking your contacts and showing your relationship with the desired depth.
  • Whether by letter, email, fax or text message, send customised communication directly from timeSensor LEGAL. No more wasting time by having to switch media!
  • Avoid duplicates and conflicts of interest. timeSensor LEGAL pays close attention and proactively alerts you if in doubt.
  • Exchange contact information simply through vCards: timeSensor LEGAL supports vCard drag and drop in both ways.
  • Use your own fields to manage the list of recipients of the newsletter or the Xmas mailing.
  • Label certain addresses as confidential so that they can be seen only by a select group of people.
  • Extract contact information from timeSensor LEGAL very easily with a simple copy and paste.

Thanks to the integrated CRM, you can manage your contacts comprehensively and efficiently.