CRM in our law firm software

Customer Relationship Management for lawyers

As a law firm, you have to keep track of an ever-growing number of contacts. From employees to clients, opposing parties and service providers to courts, dossiers and business cards – these can all pile up. That’s why our timeSensor LEGAL software has an integrated CRM. With this, you can manage all your contacts comprehensively and efficiently.

Save time in your law firm’s day-to-day work!

Our law firm software is easy to use and saves time

CRM in timeSensor LEGAL

  • The structured address and contact management of our law firm software for Windows and macOS helps you find the person you need in a matter of seconds – thanks to a phonetic search, it works even if you only remember the name roughly.
  • Shed light on your relationship network by linking your contacts and mapping relationships to any depth.
  • Whether letters, e-mails, faxes, beA or SMS messages: Send your personalised communication directly from your office software. No more time-consuming programme switching!
  • Avoid duplicates and conflicts of interest. timeSensor LEGAL thinks ahead and proactively reports in case of any doubt.
  • Exchange address data easily as a vCard: our legal software timeSensor LEGAL supports vCard Drag & Drop in both directions.
  • Use your own fields to manage the recipients for newsletters or Christmas mailings.
  • Define addresses as confidential so that they can only be seen by a selected group of people.
  • Synchronize your addresses automatically with the Microsoft Exchange Server so that your Outlook and smartphone data are always up to date.


Who hasn’t tried to manage addresses in Excel or in the Outlook address book and ended up with a mess of data? Addresses often belong together: private and company addresses, the address to a holiday home, married couples with different names, various contact numbers – if you’re serious about maintaining your addresses, then a simple approach isn’t enough. This is where timeSensor LEGAL comes in: addresses that belong together are linked, so that when one address changes, all linked addresses are also updated.

Does the client want correspondence to be sent to the private address, but the invoice should be sent directly to the accounting department at their corporate headquarters? No problem for timeSensor LEGAL! All contact channels can be stored and prioritised, so  the right correspondence runs through the right channel.

Our professional CRM not only enables a flexible system, but also any number of links. This way, you can find addresses again, at any time. Our law firm software even saves names phonetically, so you can find your clients regardless of whether their name is Smith, Smyth or Smythe.

However, our CRM shows its full potential when preparing mailings, for example for newsletters, birthday or Christmas cards. You can prepare these messages in advance so that the right people sign the right cards, and the right labels or form letters are ready. This not only saves you time, but also makes things stress-free!


Communication partners want to be contacted in all kinds of different ways: several e-mail addresses are in use, landline and mobile numbers, fax numbers or beA SAFE-ID addresses that are preferred. With our law firm software, you can create and send messages via all possible channels with just one click. And if you set up a telephone interface, you can even start a phone call with one click from our office software or watch as timeSensor LEGAL opens the client folder of a calling customer.


Quickly find addresses relevant to a case by linking them in the CRM of the timeSensor LEGAL software. You can connect any contact and mandate to any other contact, and assign a relationship type to this connection. In this way, you can clearly link opposing parties, opposing barristers and solicitors, as well as courts with your mandates and avoid unnecessary searches within the software.

Even when you’re on the go, timeSensor LEGAL is there for you. All address information is “pushed” to your smartphone at all times and without delay, via the Exchange interface.  See immediately who’s calling, and always have all your contact numbers in your pocket.

Gain back precious time in your day with timeSensor LEGAL software.

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