Document management for lawyers

Save time and work flexibly with directly integrated DMS in our law firm software

The more documents pile up in a law firm, the sooner traditional filing systems reach their limits. A DMS offers more flexibility when organising and storing files electronically. That’s why our law firm software for Windows and macOS has a fully integrated electronic archive for all your legal documents, and all incoming and outgoing documents, as well as e-mail or beA messages. The document management system in timeSensor LEGAL software provides you with all the important functions that make your day-to-day office work significantly easier and more structured.

Document archive

Find things quickly and efficiently to save time

What is digital document management?

With today’s flood of digital data, it’s important to ensure that important documents don’t go under and can be found when needed. In the DMS, documents can be filed with a date for automatic resubmission.

At the desired time, the document is proactively delivered to the designated clerk. They can edit it and make it accessible to other employees in a controlled workflow. Thanks to automatic versioning, every change to the document can be traced – this creates transparency and security. In our law firm software, digital document management is not just about filing documents, but also organising them for an optimal process.

Document management in timeSensor LEGAL

Work securely, quickly and flexibly with all electronic files.

  • Use our law firm software to bring together all incoming and outgoing documents relevant to a mandate, such as letters, faxes, e-mails or beA messages, in an organised electronic file.
  • Create a collection of automated templates that integrate relevant mandate information in a flash. timeSensor LEGAL software comes with a large collection of templates that your team can easily adapt to their needs.
  • Your personal document centre will inform you as soon as new documents have been archived in one of your mandates. You can also search for every document in the database here – by name, keyword, or even by content.
  • Send letters, e-mails, faxes or beA messages directly from our timeSensor LEGAL software – without having to switch programmes, file directly into the archive.
  • Circulate documents around the office in a guided workflow, with deadline control and automatic versioning.

The optimal combination of documents and processes: the DMS in timeSensor LEGAL

Which Edition includes DMS?

The DMS feature is available in an adapted form in all editions of the timeSensor LEGAL software, depending on your needs.

  • LEGAL 365 is ideal for small or single practice firms.
  • Medium-sized firms or office-shares can rely on the Business Edition. Here, emphasis is placed on team cooperation.
  • For larger law firms, First Edition is the perfect choice, with more available plug-ins and specialised DMS tools, such as iManage or M-Files.

Document management for Windows and macOS

Flexible, simple and fast work requires taking account of people and their preferences. Some swear by Windows and Outlook, others work more efficiently with a MacBook and Apple Mail.

For this reason, you can use our timeSensor LEGAL software with both Windows and macOS. Our office software can also be combined with various tools, such as Microsoft Outlook for Windows, Microsoft Outlook for macOS, or Apple Mail. In addition, the DMS integrated into the software is incredibly simple to use and can be applied immediatelyto your work process.

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