Document management

  • With timeSensor LEGAL, gather all the incoming and outgoing documents necessary to the case, such as letters, faxes or emails, in a clear electronic dossier.
  • Create a collection of automatic templates that can be filled instantly with information relating to the case. Many templates are included with the legal software timeSensor LEGAL and you may easily adapt them later.
  • Your personal document centre keeps you informed as soon as new documents have been archived in one of your cases. In addition, you can also find any document in the database with a search by name, keyword or even content.
  • Send letters, emails, faxes or text messages directly from timeSensor LEGAL – you will not have to switch media and these will be immediately filed in the archives.
  • Let documents circulate in your office in a guided workflow, with a deadline control and automatic version updates.
  • Thanks to the flexible check-in/check-out system, edit Word documents even when you are offline while also ensuring that no other user makes changes at the same time.

timeSensor LEGAL’s document management system: where documents and processes meet.