The right edition

for every law office

For each law office, no matter its size, there is the right edition of timeSensor LEGAL

Choose the edition of timeSensor LEGAL that is perfect for you.

Whether you are an individual lawyer, collective offices, an international law office or even the legal department of a company, you will find that one of the different editions of timeSensor LEGAL provides you with exactly the functions that meet the needs of your organisation and its size.

Small law offices and individual lawyers

In a smaller-sized environment, it all depends on you. The Easy Edition and the Smart Edition provide you with all the necessary functions to manage your office efficiently and professionally.

Medium-sized law offices and collective offices

For medium-sized law offices or collective offices, we recommend the Business Edition of timeSensor LEGAL. It will meet the needs of medium-sized teams and help you structure your database into sub-categories of virtual data rooms in order to provide each collaborator with the freedom they need.

Large law offices

For large and international law offices, we have developed the First Edition of timeSensor LEGAL. It can handle not only foreign currencies, cost centres, and the distribution of profit according to roles, but also the management of multiple locations and large multilingual teams.

Legal departments

A legal department has other expectations from a legal software than a traditional law office does. The Department Edition of timeSensor LEGAL is built in such a way that the emphasis is placed on the management of multiple cases and documents, while aspects that are not necessary to the organisation of the office are pushed into the background.

Compare all versions

and see for yourselves!

  • Easy Edition
  • Number of users
  • CRM
  • Document management
  • Case management
  • Statements of costs
  • Schedule
  • Deadline management
  • Recording of services
  • Invoicing
  • Claim account
  • Debtors
  • Accounting/interfaces
  • Statistics/Assessments
  • Number of headers
  • Multilingual
  • Full text index
  • Multi-currencies
  • Timesheet
  • Case portfolios
  • Workflow
  • Group functions
  • Automatic timekeeping
  • Send faxes and texts**
  • Free additional fields
  • Duplicate checking
  • Conflicts of interest check
  • Archive access iPad etc
  • Phone integration***
  • Multi-company (entities)
  • Document centre
  • Creditors
  • ESR (Switzerland)
  • Salaries (Switzerland)
  • Foreign currencies
  • Cost centres
  • Profit distribution
  • SQL server interface
  • Team management
  • Easy Edition
  • up to 3
  • 1
  • Multi-users
  • Smart Edition
  • up to 5
  • Unlimited
  • Multi-users
  • Business Edition
  • up to 50
  • Unlimited
  • Multi-users
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • First Edition
  • up to 200*
  • Unlimited
  • Multi-users
  • Dept. Edition
  • up to 50
  • Unlimited
  • Multi-users

*over 250 users on request **via eCall/Dolphin ***Starface/Agfeo

timeSensor® LEGAL

understands your area of specialty

Lawyers have as many different needs as they have areas of specialty. Whether you are more involved in consulting or in litigation, timeSensor® LEGAL adapts to your needs in order to take your individual specialties into account.

For legal consultants

As a legal consultant, is it important for you to present carefully designed bills? With the legal software timeSensor LEGAL, you can easily adapt your bills to your corporate design. In addition, the multilingual Timesheet also includes integrated spellcheck, which will ensure that the content as well as the form be flawless.

For litigation lawyers

Are you a litigator who is drowning in a sea of documents? timeSensor LEGAL indexes the full text of your documents, which allows you to find the document you are looking for quickly, even when you have a multitude of other files. You will also no longer need to drag all your files to the courthouse. You can simply take the case files on your iPad.

For non-lawyers

Are you not a legal practitioner ? An increasing number of service providers such as trustees, advisers, or even investigators and security services are discovering the advantages of timeSensor LEGAL. Thanks to its flexible configuration, the software adapts precisely to your needs, even if you are not a law office.