Invoicing, accounting, audit

  • The clear and simple case list shows which amounts may be invoiced on different cases. Edit the various corresponding files directly or issue an invoice proposal.
  • Choose to have all your invoices issued automatically, for instance on a periodic basis or when a predetermined level of services has been exceeded.
  • With a few clicks, issue retainer or partial invoices, which will be automatically deducted from the final invoice.
  • Print a cost summary, performance reviews or intermediary invoices, for instance for hourly fees. You can also personalise these with the design of your law office!
  • Keep your ledgers in the domestic currency or a foreign one. Also, monitor your budget and your cost centres.
  • Define rules for the distribution of legal fees and divide the fee received among the participating lawyers and the persons in charge or the cost centres.
  • Export your transactions to the main transaction programs, such as the DATEV format.

 Know how much you have left: with the advanced tools of timeSensor LEGAL.