Accounting in our law firm software

timeSensor LEGAL – elegant, clear and efficient

Accounting is the business heart of your law firm. That’s why it’s also at the core of our  timeSensor LEGAL software. The programme doesn’t just create invoices that are nice and clear for your clients, but also generates booking data records to comply with double financial accounting guidelines.

Thanks to the integration of your accounts, data can be transferred from timeSensor LEGAL to your company accounting software in one simple click.

Prepare to be amazed!

Professional, elegant and personalised

That’s what accounting becomes in our law firm software

Elegant Design

Invoices are so much more than money orders. They shape your firm’s image. Invoices produced by our timeSensor LEGAL software are professional, clear and personalised. Create your own invoice design from one of our many templates, or create your own invoice templates from scratch. The integrated template editor allows you to optimally communicate your company values.

Smart Functions

Invoices and detail sheets can be created and saved as a bundle with timeSensor LEGAL—even with the option of a cover letter. At the same time, the system creates a digital invoice data record, which offers many valuable functions:

  • Posting incoming payments
  • Control over dunning periods
  • Control of account settings
  • Income distribution of incoming payments
  • Overview of service provisions

Instalment payments? No problem! Simply choose the number of instalments your client is paying in, and book each partial payment in the same data record. You can immediately see which instalments are still to be paid.

You don’t need to adjust each invoice individually. The system settings allow you to set defaults, such as dunning schemes, price lists and default account settings. These settings are stored with each mandate, so that clients get exactly the right invoice at the push of a button. And should a special case arise, you can adjust the standard settings individually for each invoice.

Whether old-school via post, or digitally via e-mail

In any situation, timeSensor LEGAL software stores a digital copy of any sent invoice as a PDF in the mandate archive (DMS).

Strict Invoicing

Good Relationships

A clear overview thanks to smart invoice lists

Even the most well-designed invoices are no use if the client doesn’t transfer the payment on time. That’s why timeSensor LEGAL software provides you with an overview at all times of which services have already been paid for, what is still outstanding, and what still needs to be settled.

timeSensor LEGAL software maps the life cycle of your invoices using three dynamic lists, which you can use to track the overall status of your service billings at any time.

  • List of accrued services

    The mandate list shows you how many accumulated working hours are stored on your individual mandates.

  • List of unprinted invoices

    Here you can check, adjust or delete invoices and create new ones before they are sent. If everything looks in order,  invoices can be printed and sent in one fell swoop.

  • List of open invoices

    The invoice data record “waits” in this list until it has been completely settled. The list also counts whether an invoice is already overdue. The icons show you in one glance whether any action is required on your part.

  • List of settled invoices

    If an invoice has been paid in full, it moves to this list, where you can view it again at any time or reprint it.
    In this way, you never lose track of your billed services.

For the whole firm, or just for each case

The right overview for any context

In addition to a clear overview of services and invoices, timeSensor LEGAL also provides an excellent overview at the mandate level.

Flexible invoice display

All information from CRM, DMS and accounting comes together in your client’s dossier. That’s why you can also see  invoices issued directly in the dossier, in the context of the right mandates. You can decide whether you prefer to call up an invoice via the dossier or via the invoice lists.

Smart controlling

A quick billing system reduces the risk of service write-offs. To keep your work and invoicing in sync, you can set a budget for each mandate. If this budget is exceeded, timeSensor LEGAL will remind you with a ticket that you should create the next interim invoice. A traffic light system always lets you know whether there’s still enough time left, or a fee budget available for a mandate, so that you can spot any cost overruns before they even occur.

Professional accounting

timeSensor LEGAL software generates and settles invoices in line with double-entry bookkeeping guidelines. This means you can enter your accounts and cost centres in the database, and if incoming payments are booked, timeSensor LEGAL automatically generates these bookings. Posting takes place either according to received fees (ACTUAL taxation) or according to agreed fees (TARGET taxation). Invoices with mixed tax rates are also possible, so  changing VAT rates doesn’t lead to extra hassle.

You can rely on us

timeSensor LEGAL distributes all incoming payments correctly, according to a stored chart in your accounts, even if you want to post to several accounts with different service groups. When crediting advances, these are cleanly cancelled so that the statement is correct at all times, even if the VAT rate changes.

Guideline-based Revenue Distribution

If you set up an income distribution rule for a mandate, then timeSensor LEGAL software can automatically post the incoming fee to the respective income accounts. This function is ideal for automating partner billing, and enables the correct distribution of income between the client manager, acquisition agent and executive lawyers.

This revenue distribution can be set according to turnover, hours, number of people, and ensures that you can generate a fair accounting distribution for every agreement in your law firm.

And so much more

  • Have your invoices created automatically, for example periodically or once a certain amount threshold is reached.
  • Create advance or partial invoices in just a few clicks, which can then be automatically deducted from the final invoice.
  • Print account statements, service settings or interim invoices, for time tracked fees in accordance with GHR – in multiple languages in your firm’s chosen design.
  • Keep track of cash accounts in local or foreign currencies, and monitor your budget and cost centres.
  • Export your accounting data to all common programmes, such as DATEV, Sage and many more.

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