Keep track of your deadlines with our law firm software

Proactive deadline management for your team

Our law firm software shows you clearly when your next deadlines are and proactively reminds you of important dates via a warning pop-up, internal ticket or even SMS notifications.

The built-in deadline calculator can help you by calculating and suggesting new deadlines. Convenient and safe!

Always in view

A clear deadline display window

See all your deadlines in a monthly overview and, thanks to simple icons, you can immediately see what still needs to be done and how much time you have left.

Deadlines that are still far in the future are marked in green, and those that only have a few days left to complete appear in yellow. Urgent deadlines and deadlines that cannot be extended appear in red.

In the mandate dossier

You can see and enter your deadlines either in the dedicated deadline and follow-up window, or wherever you’re currently working in the mandate file. This way, you have your deadlines and resubmissions in mind every time you interact with a mandate.

Deadlines and resubmissions can be linked not only to the mandate, but also to individual documents. For example, a newly received letter may lead directly to resubmission, to the person responsible for the mandate.

Always there for you

See deadlines on Outlook and on your mobile devices using Microsoft Exchange®

Have your deadlines, appointments and reminders displayed in Outlook, on your mobile phone or tablet. timeSensor LEGAL supports the Microsoft Exchange® interface (Exchange Web Services), and any appointments, deadlines, reminders and contacts recorded in timeSensor LEGAL can be pushed to your teams’ Exchange accounts.[1]

[1] Microsoft Exchange® is an external service provided by Microsoft® and is not included in products delivered by timeSensor LEGAL.

It’s never been simpler

to manage your deadlines

Create a new deadline and define one or more responsible colleagues to it. Each deadline is associated with an address and a mandate. Further details, such as deadline categories, can be stored in the input window. The same applies to reminders, that can be defined as such in the same window.

In the calendar

The timeSensor LEGAL calendar makes it possible to record your appointments in a central location and publish them via the EWS interface. By default, the timeSensor LEGAL calendar shows all deadlines beside your other appointments. With just a double-click, you can display the deadline content in detail, or open the corresponding mandate folder with a right-click.

In the mandate folder

Of course, your deadlines also appear in the mandate folder. Here, if you click on a corresponding mandate, you can see which deadlines still have to be met. From here you can also enter a new deadline for the mandate or change an existing deadline. Approaching but incomplete deadlines are marked in red so that nothing is ever forgotten.

In the dossier

You can also immediately see all approaching deadlines via the ingenious traffic light system in your client’s dossier. As in the mandate folder, you will only see open deadlines here, so that you never confuse completed work with future deadlines.

Help with setting deadlines

Our office software supports you completely and competently

Deadline calculator

The deadline calculator is a practical tool and supplements your own deadline calculations. Simply define the day of the event and the number of days until the deadline so thattimeSensor LEGAL software can suggest an appropriate appointment day for you. You can choose to specify whether these are weekdays or working days, and whether the corresponding deadline is urgent or not. The new deadline is then created with two simple clicks and appears in your deadline calendar.

Urgent deadlines

As urgent deadlines can’t be postponed, timeSensor LEGAL draws your attention specifically to these events in your deadline calendar and in the mandate folder. timeSensor LEGAL also monitors and ensures that urgent deadlines aren’t changed accidentally.

The four-eyes principle 

Trust is good, but control is better! timeSensor LEGAL abides by the four-eyes principle: After a team member has created a deadline, it is displayed with a blue question mark in the deadline module. Another team member can open the deadline, re-calculate it, and then mark it as “Checked”. Convenient and safe!

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