Mandate management for law firms

Keep complex mandates under control at all times

Our timeSensor LEGAL software is based on the way you work. That’s why you don’t need to think in terms of “projects” or “folders”, but rather organise your work around your mandates. By having multiple views of mandate-related data, the software makes work for all your employees much easier.


can work more efficiently and save time

For solicitors, work in the mandate folder is the “command centre” of the respective mandate. Here, you can see a focused view of everything important for the mandate: quick access to basic information such as telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, postal addresses, file numbers, etc. But you can also find all your documents here in one place: pleas, Excel spreadsheets, letters, e-mails, and more. In this electronic file, you will find all your case documents, across all teams. Even if a case has hundreds of documents or even  thousands, you can find any detail of a case in a flash, thanks to uniform software structure and the powerful full-text search function.

The mandate folder also automatically records all your hours worked, and transfers them directly to your timesheet. Simply efficient!

Does your firm have key clients with a large number of mandates?


Then you’ll appreciate being able to divide mandates into sub-mandates, to any degree, making large mandates immediately clearer. Or, if you wish, you can create collective invoices using fee files so that your clients receive a clearly-structured overall invoice.

Keep your budget under control

To ensure that you don’t exceed any agreed budget, timeSensor LEGAL software always shows you the remaining mandate budget at every level. If there’s a shortage on a particular mandate, timeSensor LEGAL will proactively inform you via a ticket before the budget limit is reached. This allows you to react early before the costs spiral.

Time tracking

Time tracking can either occur on sub-mandates (to be then billed via the main mandate), or directly on the main level. Simple and quick!

Sending confidential documents

It’s become increasingly complex to exchange confidential documents via e-mail, as the corresponding data isn’t encrypted. Ideally, you want your law firm to provide your most important clients with secure transmission channels.

Our timeSensor LEGAL software supports this concern by synchronising selected documents in a secure data vault with a Cloud Drive interface. A web portal is made available to the client, where they can log in securely and view their documents. Conversely, the client can upload new documents to the upload file of the web portal. timeSensor LEGAL then informs the client manager that the documents have arrived.

It couldn’t be simpler or more practical!

The professionals

Work smarter and save time

Recurring processes are optimally supported by ourtimeSensor LEGAL software: it’s no longer necessary to set and check all settings individually when creating a mandate. Instead, template mandates are available so that one or more mandates with exactly the right default settings can be generated at the click of a button. This not only saves you time, but also ensures consistent data collection.

Your firm’s admin team can work across clients in the consolidated dossier: with the same data, the same documents, but from a client-centric view. Changes of address, payment agreements and invoicing proposals can make a mandate’s accounting and budget control child’s play.

Our software’s powerful filter functions allow you to search for very specific addresses and mandate types. Everything that can be filtered can also be worked with. Create individual address groups for all situations, from Christmas cards to your law firm newsletter.

Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times: thanks to a granular access concept, staff members only ever see what they’re supposed to. Everything is on a “need-to-know” basis.

And that’s not all by a mile….

… because our timeSensor LEGAL software can connect all your data in the smartest way.

Make things more transparent

Assigning clerks

Distribute your mandates and clients internally to your teams in such a way that you always know who is responsible for what and when. Since all cases are clearly assigned to certain clerks, you can automatically generate a valuable pool of company data, which you can then use for business development via the timeSensor LEGAL Business Intelligence Module.

Out of sight, out of mind – but not out of the system!

In order to remain GDPR compliant, you can store a filing date and a disposal date when archiving mandates. At this point, you will be reminded by our timeSensor LEGAL software to check the stored personal data and to destroy it if necessary.

Smarter invoicing

Because every client is unique

Every client is unique. That’s why your mandate settings are unique and can be customised down to the very last detail: individual hourly rates, budgets (caps), individual invoice designs and payment conditions. Our software system is flexible in all configurations, but also supremely easy to use. Since you can preset your mandates down to the last detail, you can then generate a custom-fit invoice at the click of a button.

The invoicing system has many more practical features:

  • Let timeSensor LEGAL generate your invoices automatically, for example, according to a set time or budget plan.
  • Define specific or cross-client surcharges or discounts.
  • Use our flexible post-calculation to create tailor-made invoices that exactly meet your client’s needs, for example, by applying credit notes, instalment payments or quota invoices.
  • Adapt your hourly logs to the agreed flat rate, for example, by pro rata calculation of corresponding non-billable times.
  • With our rule-based revenue distribution (module), you can automatically distribute fee income to all partners and associates involved. Forget time-consuming accounts and poring over Excel spreadsheets!
  • Use any number of invoice templates, in different languages, currencies or for different client profiles.
  • Send your invoices as PDF documents directly by email from timeSensor LEGAL.

So many more time-saving features

  • Automatic file number assignment
  • Budget monitoring
  • Ticketing system
  • Linked addresses
  • Customisable fields
  • Categorisation, markers, and synchronisation
  • And more, more, more…

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