A secure data room for your clients

Keep confidential documents safe and share them conveniently!

We all know that e-mail isn’t a suitable method for sharing confidential data. Now, with the timeSensor LEGAL Nextcloud® integration, you can send your clients confidential documents via your exclusive data room.

A high-security vault

Share data directly with timeSensor LEGAL

Your data room is set up on your own virtual server, hosted by Switzerland’s most modern data centre.

Here, our long-standing partner sets up your Nextcloud solution in a dedicated rack space, in a highly professional environment. In addition to optimal security and maximum availability, according to Tier IV (as outlined by the Uptime Institute), this host offers multiple Internet connections to several independent and also physically separate providers (with their own fibre optic connection to the respective ISPs).

Alternatively, you can operate your NextCloud environment yourself. In Germany, for example, the company IONOS offers similar hosting services.


Upload to the data room directly from timeSensor LEGAL

Secure, speedy and simple

It’s this simple to share documents with your clients

Quick and uncomplicated

For each of your mandates, you can set what can and can’t be deposited in the data room. This file storage can be limited to a certain time window and withdrawn at any moment with a mouse click.

With just another click, you can choose the desired document (or documents) and share it with your clients. When a document is shared, a small cloud icon indicates that it has been uploaded to the data room.

And your clients? Well, they too will receive a secure login to access the data room, and can then view or download any documents you share with them.

As soon as your client has access to the data room, they will find an UPLOAD directory, in which any documents can be uploaded. Not only is this safer, but it’s also faster and more reliable for large quantities of documents, than sending them via e-mail.

As soon as new documents are uploaded, our law firm software timeSensor LEGAL sends an internal ticket to inform the client manager that new data is available. If you wish, these can now be transferred to your DMS.

Why use a data room?

Confidential – identifiable – professional

Access to data in the data room is encrypted for clients and all your firm’s employees, who can use their unique access data. This completely eliminates the risk of faking a false sender address, as every user is identified.

Any client deposit and  retrieval of documents is logged in the data room and can easily be viewed. This makes it easier to track and prove document sharing.

The data room and our law firm software timeSensor LEGAL are the perfect combination to  support your law firm in maintaining confidentiality.

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