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Project management

Expert and personal service

When implementing timeSensor LEGAL software in your law firm, you can rely on the expertise of our long-standing rollout managers. This gives you a central contact person during the preparation, the rollout, the accompanying training, as well as subsequent parameterisation. Our experts understand your needs and know the typical processes of a law firm from their many years of practical experience.

Initially, a kick-off meeting ensures that a comprehensive project plan is developed together with your team. This is where responsibilities are defined, training dates and milestones are set. The project is then implemented cooperatively, and thanks to the particular user-friendliness of timeSensor LEGAL, your team will find it to be a smooth and simple transition.

  • Kick-Off

    The plan

    At the kick-off meeting, we develop the project plan together with you, and schedule training and milestones.

  • Preparation

    Project prep

    In the preparatory phase, your infrastructure is prepared, and the first parameterisation work is carried out, and – if necessary – the first test migrations are carried out.


  • Training

    Basic training

    Just before the rollout, we train your team so that everyone will be confident in using the new software on the first day of work, and can record their hours in the new time sheet.

  • Roll-out

    The first day!

    Thanks to the excellent prep work, your team can hit the ground running on the first day. Our rollout manager is on standby for any questions, big or small.


  • Milestone

    The first billing cycle!

    The financial training prepares your admin team for the first billing cycle. All aspects of invoicing and booking of business transactions are dealt with.

  • Project completion

    Ongoing support

    Even after the project has been completed, your rollout manager will continue to be available to you. They now know all the unique ins and outs of your law firm and processes, and will continue to support you with their expertise to the highest standards!

    Project completion

Individual training

Online or directly on site

Training at your law firm

We can come directly to you!

On-site training has proven to work best for larger teams. We will draw up a plan together with you to outline training modules and the groups to be trained. On training day, we bring laptops and training materials with us to your offices, and induct your staff into all the secrets of our law firm software timeSensor LEGAL via  an efficient and entertaining course.

  • Basic Training: The “Basic training” module is aimed at your entire team, and explains all the general operating concepts of timeSensor LEGAL: working in  dossiers, recording time worked in the timesheets, and communicating via the ticket system.
  • Financial Training: The “financial training” module is aimed at employees entrusted with invoicing and bookkeeping. Here, we teach you all billing types such as advance, partial, instalment, GHR and hourly bills, and explain dunning process, the posting of incoming payments and reporting.
  • Document Management: the “DMS” course module is aimed at lawyers who use timeSensor LEGAL as an electronic file. You create new documents from templates, version and delegate, check workflows and archive documents and emails.
  • Template Management: the “Templates” module is aimed at the template team, who maintain all the templates within your law firm. timeSensor LEGAL has powerful tools  to help your team take care of automatic document filling, workflow preparation, and filing structures.

Online Workshops

Interactive Webinars

For smaller teams, a mix of independent study and online workshops is the best approach. With this method, you can first practice using the software thanks to our training videos and the demo version, then supplement your learning with several scheduled online workshops. In this way, everyone can learn at their own pace and any questions that arise can be discussed together in the workshop. The benefits to you include:

  • Efficiency: each person learns in the way that suits them best. Our help centre offers a wide range of training videos for independent study to show you all the tips and tricks of  our law firm software, timeSensor LEGAL.
  • Saving costs: no travel costs are necessary.
  • Replicability: the workshops can be recorded, so any new team members can benefit from them later on.

Data migration

Programming expertise!

It is so satisfying when all your addresses, mandates and documents magically appear again in your new law firm software, timeSensor LEGAL, ensuring that you can continue working seamlessly. To make this possible, our expert programmers are there to help:

  • Analysis: first, the old office software is analysed and any marking data records are recorded. This facilitates the “reverse engineering” of the existing data models.
  • Export: in step two, the data is exported in a standard format (e.g. .csv). This is done by us or by a service company.
  • Transformation and import: Law firm software can differ in the way they store your data – sometimes significantly. This is where the expertise of our programmers comes to the fore. They will write an import programme for you so that the data is moved to the right place in timeSensor LEGAL.

To ensure that the data quality is impeccable, we work with test migrations. This means that we repeat the process until you are completely satisfied with the data quality.

Previous law firm software

We have already successfully migrated data from these programmes

Over the years, we have already migrated data from a large variety of law firm programmes:

  • Advoware
  • Advoline
  • Advolux
  • Ancoma
  • Annotext Windows/Business
  • Filemaker Datenbanken
  • MacAdvocat
  • NoRA-NT
  • Phantasy/Datev Pro
  • WinJur
  • WinMacs32
  • RA-Micro
  • Renoflex Win
  • Renostar/Ziutex
  • SmartLex

In a data migration, the following data can usually be transferred:

  • Addresses
  • Mandates
  • Links between addresses
  • Links between mandates and addresses
  • Services
  • Deadlines and resubmissions
  • Appointments
  • Documents

Is your current software not on the list? Simply contact us – we’ll endeavour to find a solution for you!

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