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What makes our law firm software

so popular with our clients?

Greater efficiency

Law firm software should be easy to understand and use, even for those of us who aren’t as tech-savvy. That’s why the intuitive user interface of timeSensor LEGAL ensures rapid onboarding and greater efficiency for your whole team.

Greater transparency

All data is now neatly under one roof, with a uniform user interface to optimise efficient office management. Our law firm software timeSensor LEGAL can do it all: it distributes income, shows you the most profitable mandates, and highlights your most productive employees.

Greater revenues

By accurately recording the time worked and spent in our office software, you have the foundation for complete and correct accounts. Thanks to a smart timesheet and automated billing, no hours worked are lost. Increase your efficiency and thus your productivity!

Lindenpartners Law Firm

Berlin – DE

Using timeSensor LEGAL since: 2018
Employees: 100

“What makes the law firm software timeSensor LEGAL stand out is its intuitive operation, for example when keeping timesheets – tracking time is no one’s favourite task, but the programme actually makes it easier.” – Dr. Alexander Frhr. von Rummel – Partner

“timeSensor is the perfect choice for us because it offers so many options for billing and time tracking, which are all so important for a firm’s profitability. In particular, we love using the work network, document management system, and address management feature.” – Eric Romba – Partner

Law Firm Schürmann – Wolschendorf – Dreyer

Using timeSensor LEGAL since: 2018
Employees: 20

“The ticketing system offers a great overview of all our firm’s processes. Here, you can track exactly which tasks are currently open, to whom they’ve been assigned, and what stage they’re at.” – Kathrin Schürmann – Partner

“As a partner in the firm, I use the Controlling function the most, and timeSensor offers me detailed options to evaluating time tracking and to check invoices.” – Simone Rosenthal – Partner

Epp Solicitors

Strassburg / Baden-Baden

Using timeSensor LEGAL since: 2012
Employees: 20

“The software is simple, intuitive and easy to use.” – Emil Epp – Firm founder

“I would recommend this software to any law firm working with clients!” – Koray Kühl – Partner

Whether your firm is big or small

Our law firm software timeSensor LEGAL is always the perfect solution

“We bought the law firm software timeSensor LEGAL to help us keep our address and document management processes under one roof, as well as for simple invoicing. We’re now using so many of its other functions and have been able to simplify so many other processes in our law firm. Thanks to the software’s user-friendly interface and the step-by-step basic training, everyone in our law firm now works with timeSensor – from interns to retired partners. timeSensor is a company that provides its clients with solution-oriented and helpful support. timeSensor always takes customer requests seriously and continuously develops the office software.”

“I gradually integrated all the software’s various functions into my work processes. Right now, data acquisition and processing, as well as the time and services tracking are the most useful functions, i.e., they’re simple and helpful for an efficient work process. I feel that the structure and software interface are user-friendly, and I look forward to everything that timeSensor LEGAL has to offer.”

“We value quality and security in our law firm, so we use Macs. With the law firm software timeSensor LEGAL, we’ve found the ideal programme to improve and accelerate our administrative processes. I would be happy to recommend it to others.”

“It’s so simple to use, and I really like the drag & drop feature, as well as the mandate overviews it provides!”

Want to save time?

Start using our law firm software timeSensor LEGAL right now.

“I chose timeSensor® Legal so that I can give my all to my customers. If I ever have any questions, I appreciate the friendly and expert support given by timeSensor.”

“The way timeSensor LEGAL works is so intuitive and user-friendly. What is especially useful is the software’s clear archiving function, which makes internal collaboration so much easier. It enables us to structure our work even more efficiently, which ultimately benefits the client.”

“For me, switching to TimeSensor has significantly improved all my processes. Time tracking, document management and invoicing are now all in one place, and with timeSensor you always have an overview of your services rendered. It is so worthwhile to use timeSensor, especially to avoid lost billables due to “forgotten” time tracked.”

“FSDZ Solicitors & Notaries AG relies on electronic mandate management and digital long-term archiving. With timeSensor LEGAL, we’ve found the ideal software: it’s highly flexible, well-integrated and totally user-friendly.”

“What impresses me about timeSensor® LEGAL is its clear, well thought-out structure. Although the software is undoubtedly powerful, it’s still intuitive and user-friendly. And if any questions arise, the support team is there to help in a friendly and efficient manner.”

“The software is fun to work with, especially mandate entries and the invoicing system.”

Greater transparency?

Our law firm software timeSensor LEGAL can help you see the wood for the trees

“With the law firm software timeSensor LEGAL, I can work both in the office and from home without any issues. This is so helpful, especially now that I’m on maternity leave. It means that I can be there for my baby, while continuing to work as a freelance lawyer.”

“Since switching from the old software to timeSensor LEGAL, processing mandates has been a breeze, especially as all the different communication channels are seamlessly connected.”

Why do paralegals and admin teams love

our law firm software timeSensor LEGAL?

“The law firm software timeSensor LEGAL enabled me to organise my work better from the start, and it’s been wonderful to save so much time and effort. It’s the first programme I start up at the beginning of the day, and the last one I shut down when I end the day. timeSensor LEGAL structures and integrates all the information and merges the various addresses and individual documents into one integrated database; I never lose sight of anything.”

“I particularly appreciate the simple invoicing system. I used to spend ages preparing and checking invoices; now one click is all it takes!”

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