The Timesheet function in our law firm software

Effortless time tracking – seamless invoicing

Time is money, so never lose another minute on complex time tracking again. Our law firm software, timeSensor LEGAL, offers a variety of options for you to meticulously, yet effortlessly document all the work done in your law firm.

Two views

for greater efficiency

A Personal Timesheet

As a lawyer, you have access to a personal timesheet in which you can record all work done, across all your clients, in a flash. Never again will you have to trawl through a client’s file, just to jot down a quick phone call. Record your time immediately in your personal timesheet – it’s always just a click away at any time.


A Mandate Timesheet

Your work times that have been entered on your personal lawyer timesheet are then transferred to the corresponding mandates overnight (or, if necessary, at the push of a button). Now, the back office can see all services rendered for a mandate at a glance, in a clear and consolidated view. This not only gives the team an overview of the whole case, and the time budget, but any services can then also be adapted, expanded and – of course – charged at lightning speed.


Both timesheets are linked, so there’s no need to enter work twice. And don’t worry: if the back office deletes times from the mandate, these are automatically set to non-billables in your personal timesheet. Your time balance as a lawyer will always remain correct.

timeSensor LEGAL software guarantees you full control and security of your time – at all times.

Time tracking has never been this fast – or simple

In the client field, simple typing in the beginning of the surname is enough for the correct mandates to appear in a list. Simply confirm with Enter, type in a service abbreviation, including the number of minutes worked — and you’re done! So simple and yet so precise. Of course, you can also search via the mandate number, or just display a list of your open mandates.

Smart search

You don’t even need to remember a client’s name. With the practical “wild card” function, you can find the mandate you need, even if you don’t remember the client’s full name.

A Timesheet that Saves Time

  • A super practical quick-drop field, for a quicker input of documents directly into the selected case file – without even having to click on the mandate folder.
  • Smart date selection: You don’t even need to enter the full date – it’s automatically added.
  • See all your work done in a glance in a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly view.
  • Summary selection and printing instructions.
  • Quick links to the mandate folder or dossier.
  • For your internal controls, a counter tracks times present, counting your logged-in time and comparing it with the time recorded on the timesheet.

And for those who like it to be even simpler, timeSensor LEGAL also offers automatic time tracking via the mandate folder. The stopwatch on the mandate folder starts automatically as soon as you open it, and tracks the time you spend here. Once you’re done, simply click ‘Stop’, to automatically transfer the hours worked to your personal timesheet.

But wait, there’s more… You can also use timesheet abbreviations to record service quantities. For example, you can enter your mileage, any expense-related receipts, or simply the number of minutes worked. Add the number to the abbreviation and – voilà! On to the next job!


The list of your standard services offered, and the associated service abbreviations, can all be recorded in multiple languages. It’s worth creating a detailed list of services in several languages, as this minimises recording errors. timeSensor LEGAL can then automatically select the ready-made service description in the client’s target language.

Always keep a full overview – perfection is in the details

In the personal and mandate timesheets, you’ll find intuitive icons beside the recorded services, which show the processing status of your all your services, in a single glance.

Were your hours worked shortened during billing? No problem; the shortened minutes will appear on the personal timesheet with a gray cross to denote them as non-billable hours.

Maybe your hours worked weren’t simply shortened, but compensated via a flat rate or GHR invoice. In this case, timeSensor LEGAL recognises them as “Services billed elsewhere”, meaning these hours worked weren’t invoiced, but they still count towards your billable times.

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