• Each employee updates on their own Timesheet their billable hours, non-billable hours as well as hours worked on  internal projects.
  • Entries can be made extremely quickly thanks to automatic suggestions for the date and the last case opened as well as a sophisticated system of abbreviations.
  • An offline Timesheet is also available, for instance for external partners.
  • Copy and paste on the Timesheet and between the Timesheet and the dossier.
  • You can make multilingual entries with the option to use spellcheck to issue perfect invoices with no typos.
  • You can enter texts with no word limit for the payment and you have the option of entering additional texts for internal documentation.
  • Internal projects on the monitoring of non-productive hours, such as sick leave, leave for military service, or leave for training, can be managed thanks to annual work calendars and holiday schedules.

With timeSensor LEGAL’s efficient Timesheet, you save time everyday.