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Save time with timeSensor LEGAL

We developed timeSensor LEGAL to help busy lawyers who expect modern, intuitive software, to enrich their everyday office life, and to provide time-saving and efficient processes.

Your office management deserves the best solution. Be inspired and book a presentation today!

Rent or buy your law firm software?

Choose the model that suits you best.

Popularised by Microsoft 365, the “Software as a Service” (SaaS) model has become in demand. That’s why we’re now offering timeSensor LEGAL in two models for law firms:

With timeSensor LEGAL 365 you can subscribe to our law firm software on a monthly basis. timeSensor 365 means you don’t have to worry about having a server – all you need is an office with a good internet connection. This makes the service a good choice for smaller firms.

With timeSensor LEGAL you still have the traditional option of buying your software. Buy your licence just once, and use the software for as long as you like.

Benefit from added flexibility and decide which version suits your firm best – in both versions, our user-friendly software offers the same functions.

Fresh, innovative, and time saving

timeSensor LEGAL is the ideal solution for the modern law firm

With our law firm software, our users and your preferences are at the focal point: do you use Windows or Mac? Are you still getting to grips with IT, or are you already a “power user”? Do you prefer your user interface in German or in another language?

timeSensor LEGAL was developed for lawyers with the highest standards, so it respects your preferences and leaves the choice in your hands. Anyone can use the software in the way that suits them best – after all, if you can use your software smoothly and efficiently, then it can make you more motivated and productive in turn.

Timesheets made easy

Time tracking without the hassle

The clear timesheet in our law firm software is optimised to record your hours worked in a flash. Supported by smart time tracking, you can record your work done with just a click.

The benefits to you: more billable time, a better overview of your work and that of your team, as well as full flexibility in post-processing.

What do other timeSensor LEGAL users think?

Real-life testimonials

“As a leading employment law boutique, we look after our national and international clients at four locations throughout Germany. With timeSensor LEGAL, we’ve found the perfect software to make our cross-location teamwork even more efficient. The user-friendly interface, the clear timesheet and the effective support are the most impressive features of timeSensor LEGAL.”

“I believe that timeSensor LEGAL can be recommended to any law firm that provides advice; the program has an interface that can be individually configured. It is also incredibly intuitive, so you can get started immediately without much training.”

“I started using timeSensor LEGAL about two months. I gradually integrated all the software’s various functions into my work processes. Right now, data acquisition and processing, as well as the time and services tracking are the most useful functions, i.e., they’re simple and helpful for an efficient work process. I feel that the structure and software interface are user-friendly, and I look forward to everything that timeSensor LEGAL has to offer.”

“I chose timeSensor® Legal so that I can give my all to my customers. If I ever have any questions, I appreciate the friendly and expert support given by timeSensor.”

Powerful functions combined with user-friendly software

We leave nothing to be desired

  • beA & email Communicator in timeSensor LEGAL

    The Communicator allows messages to be automatically stored in the document management system (DMS), and messages and documents can be sent directly from the software – seamlessly and without switching programmes.

    E-mail filing and beA. Be inspired!

  • Mandate management

    timeSensor LEGAL offers you an instant overview of all your mandates and sub-mandates, any associated contacts, and all services rendered. Let timeSensor LEGAL monitor your mandate budgets, check for conflicts of interest, or even automate scheduled invoicing. Always have a firm grip on all mandates, the simple way.

  • Time tracking

    With timeSensor LEGAL, all employees can keep their own personal and clear timesheets. Thanks to the ingenious abbreviation system, you can record your services seamlessly, in a flash. The timesheet will suggest the last mandate used, and all service texts are automatically in your client’s preferred language. The ideal system: complete time tracking and consistent billing.

  • Document management

    Forget about struggling with folders and manual document management. With timeSensor LEGAL, you can make use of elegant functions, such as automatic versioning, approval processes or immediate full-text indexing, to get unprecedented transparency and efficiency. Your teams can now process documents in a clearly structured workflow without even having to switch between programmes.

  • CRM

    timeSensor LEGAL’s powerful CRM toll offers so much more than just convenient address management. Thanks to flexible linking, you can easily recognise connections and speak to clients and providers with all the knowledgeable at hand. Communicate efficiently and professionally with personalised letter, fax or e-mail templates; use SMS messages or even integrate your telephone system to automatically recognise calls.

  • Deadlines, appointments and resubmissions

    timeSensor LEGAL makes it much easier to professionally monitor your deadlines and other tasks. The built-in deadline calculator helps you set and keep deadlines, while the software also gives you that extra security with its four-eyes principle: it automatically lets you know when a deadline is coming up, via ticket, e-mail or even SMS message. By synchronising deadlines across all your devices, be it smartphones or tablets, everyone is always up-to-date and saves valuable time.

  • Accounting, invoicing, and office controlling

    Whether per hour or according to a set rate: timeSensor LEGAL masters all types of invoices, arranging everything from billing proposals, account statements, advance, partial, instalment invoices, to final bills. All movements are tracked and booked behind the scenes in the most transparent way, and can easily be transferred to your accountants via standard interfaces, or evaluated using powerful controlling tools.

  • A secure data room for your clients

    Everyone knows that e-mail isn’t a suitable medium to exchange confidential data. With our timeSensor LEGAL Nextcloud® integration, you can send confidential documents back and forth to your clients via your exclusive and secure data room.

  • Business Intelligence (BI)

    What are your most lucrative cases, and which clients would you rather not work with? How high is your actual hourly performance rate and how is this developing? Which associates work most efficiently, and where can you find room for improvement?

  • Go mobile with timeSensor LEGAL

    With our law firm software, you can maintain full control and full flexibility when handling your data on the go. Whether you’re in the office, out and about, or in the home office – timeSensor LEGAL is there for you.

  • Administrator functions

    With tailor-made access profiles, you can activate which employees can access which areas. The customised user interface reduces training time and maximises confidentiality and data security. As an administrator, timeSensor LEGAL gives you full control over all aspects of your law firm software.

Which edition of timeSensor LEGAL

is the right fit for me and my law firm?


Start-up firm

For law firms just starting up, or for teams of up to five people, we recommend the Easy Edition or the Smart Edition. These versions of our law firm software include all the functions required for a small business. With the Cloud-based version of timeSensor LEGAL 365, you don’t even need your own server.

Medium-sized firm

For medium-sized law firms or for co-op offices, we recommend the timeSensor LEGAL Business Edition. This version of our law firm software covers all the needs for teams of up to 50 people. The database can be divided into virtual data rooms so that all partners have plenty of freedom.

Large firms

For larger and international firms, we specially developed the First Edition of our law firm software, timeSensor LEGAL. In addition to handling foreign currencies, cost centres and role-based revenue distribution with ease, this programme also takes care of management at different locations and large multilingual teams, while also providing data evaluation in the data warehouse.

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