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timeSensor LEGAL


    Here you can see the best highlights of timeSensor LEGAL at a brief overview.


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The super functions

  • CRM

    The efficient CRM of timeSensor LEGAL can do more than simply manage your contacts. Thanks to its flexibility in making connections, you will discover unseen interconnections that will allow you to have an informed and thoughtful dialogue with your contact. Demonstrate efficiency and professionalism in your communications, with personalised letters, fax or email templates, or text messages. You can also integrate your phone interface for automatic call recognition.

  • Case management

    timeSensor LEGAL gives you an immediate overview of your cases and subcases, contacts related to a case, and accumulated services. timeSensor LEGAL monitors the budget of your cases, potential conflicts of interest, and even automatic invoicing in accordance with your calendar. You will have all mandates under control, at all times.

  • Timekeeping

    With timeSensor LEGAL, each employee maintains their own clearly structured personal Timesheet. Thanks to a sophisticated system of shortcuts, you will record your services comprehensively and quickly. The software will automatically suggest the last case you used as well as service descriptions in the language of the client. The advantage for you: comprehensive timekeeping and payment.

  • Invoicing, accounting, audit

    Whether on an hourly or appointment basis, timeSensor LEGAL skilfully manages all payment procedures, such as invoice proposals, statements of account, retainers, as well as partial payments or instalment payments and final invoices. All transactions are processed in the background with transparency and may be sent through standard interfaces to a financial advisor or evaluated with efficient control tools.

  • Document management

    Forget traditional files and manage your documents with timeSensor LEGAL! You will enjoy unprecedented transparency and efficiency thanks to sophisticated functions, such as the automatic version control, approval procedures, or the immediate indexing of full texts. As a result, teams will edit documents while following a clearly structured workflow and without having to switch media.

  • Deadlines, follow-up and appointments

    With timeSensor LEGAL, the professional monitoring of your deadlines and other tasks will become much more simple. When setting a deadline, you can rely on an integrated tool to determine deadlines. The software will later support monitoring based on the “four-eyes principle” and automatically alert you when a deadline is approaching by sending you a ticket, an email, or even a text message. With iPhone or iPad syncing of deadlines, everybody can stay up-to-date and save precious time.

  • Administrator functions

    Thanks to customised access profiles, your employees receive the access to the areas they need. The user interface can be customised to ease the learning curve and maximise confidence as well as information security. As administrator, timeSensor LEGAL gives you total control over all aspects of your legal software.

  • Be mobile with timeSensor LEGAL

    In an increasingly dynamic environment, it is crucial to be able to access the data from your office even when you are away. timeSensor LEGAL offers you a safe and tested solution to access your data with minimal exposure to the Cloud Drive.

A powerful but also 

organised system!


Intuitive navigation bar with clear icons.


Digital file with automatic version control, workflow, quick preview, and drag and drop.


All relevant contacts at a glance: all your phone calls, faxes, emails, text messages or letters can be seen here.


You have a clear and comprehensive electronic dossier for each client.


Mobile files with our timeSensor LEGAL Cloud Connector.


In the personal document center, you can find any document in the database with a keyword or full text search.