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Be confident on-the-go with timeSensor LEGAL

Data security is the top priority for our law firm software, timeSensor LEGAL. Whether it’s your own firm’s servers or with our Swiss hosting partner, our law firm software protects your data in accordance with GDPR.

At the same time, timeSensor LEGAL also supports you in your home office, on the go, in court or in meetings, so that data security does not become a data prison.

Cloud storage on demand

Selective uploads

Complete cloud storage isn’t always the right solution. For example, if you already have a well-developed infrastructure in place, you might not want the associated risks of the Cloud.

With our law firm software, you have the choice: you don’t have to store all your data in the Cloud – just the things that you really need when you’re out and about.

So, you can decide for yourself what you want to upload into the cloud. With timeSensor LEGAL, you can select individual documents from a file, or even upload the entire file to a cloud-based data space for just a short period of time. You have full control. Our software ensures that the file automatically disappears from the Cloud after the set time window has expired.

You can either work with your preferred Cloud service provider, or choose one of our Swiss partners, Flow Swiss AG or Meta10, who offer you optimal security and functional when working in the Cloud.

Confidential information

Securely shared

The timeSensor LEGAL Nextcloud® integration makes it easy and secure to exchange data with clients. Publish selected documents from timeSensor LEGAL in a shared data room on Nextcloud®, and set up a personal login for your clients. They can now access the provided data via encrypted access. This is not only safer, but your clients will appreciate how professional and trustworthy the process is.

Conversely, if a client places a new document in the data room, timeSensor LEGAL will immediately inform you via ticket, email or even SMS.

With the help of timeSensor LEGAL and Nextcloud®, you never have to send confidential information by email again — benefit from our optimal data protection and user-friendly interface!

Appointments, deadlines and reminders on all your devices

Via the Exchange interface

The clever interface offered by Microsoft Exchange Webservices® allows even more flexibility and portability when it comes to your data.[1]

Synchronise all your timeSensor LEGAL addresses, as well as your calendar, deadlines and reminders with Outlook, across your smartphone or your tablet. You can use any number of Exchange accounts with data and individually define who gets what in their respective Exchange account. This not only reduces your team’s workload, but also eliminates chances of error in your day-to-day work.

Auto-update all your addresses and appointments across your devices

Thanks to push technology, any changes you make to appointments and deadlines  in timeSensor LEGAL are automatically sent to all your subscribed devices. This means that everyone involved in the mandate is always up-to-date.

Finally, all your phone numbers and addresses are in sync everywhere, and you always have the most up-to-date appointments to hand.

[1] Exchange Webservices is a separate Microsoft product. Please inform yourself on its system requirements and associated costs.


Security and Control

Your office is always in control. Your employees can see appointments, deadlines and reminders on their mobile devices, but not edit them.

That’s how your appointments always stay correct, despite the office hustle and bustle.

Manage all appointments, deadlines and reminders from the head office and let timeSensor LEGAL distribute them to your team.

Our law firm software can now speak in beA, IMAP und POP3

Integrate all your communication styles!

With the new Communicator in timeSensor LEGAL, your law firm software will be even more powerful. The Communicator is an integrated communication client that supports various protocols, such as beA, IMAP and POP3. This allows your mailboxes to directly connected to the office software.

Whether you’re sending messages from the office, your smartphone or from home: your timeSensor LEGAL mailbox stays in sync.

Replies from your clients, opposing parties or other linked addresses are automatically stored by the system in the relevant mandate archive. There, they can be searched at any time using the full-text search function, either in the mandate folder or in the document centre.

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